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  1. Association of Data Protection Officers Conference 2023 on 16 May

    On 16 of May, the Association of Data Protection Officers will be holding its 14th Annual Data Protection Conference – ‘Beyond Policy: How can data protection keep pace with the world of technology?’, in Croke Park, Dublin.  Data protection is frequently highlighted by policy makers as a vital area of action for the protection of fundamental rights….

  2. 13th National Annual Data Protection Conference

    Don’t forget, our Association of Data Protection Officers, Ireland annual conference takes place on Wednesday 12 October. Our 1st in-person conference since February 2020. Looking forward to meeting you all again!

  3. CIO & IT Leaders Summit, 28 June 2022

    An excellent summit that Cygnus was very happy to contribute to. And from our data protection perspective, it highlighted our axiom that the six GDPR Art. 5 fundamental principles aren’t only legal obligations. They give a good framework for data governance which would be in the best interests of any organisation to apply, even if…

  4. GDPR Personal Data Breach Notifications

    Introduction A key change to EU data protection law resulting from the GDPR was the requirement for personal data breach notifications. Under previous national data protection law in most member states this was not mandatory. Now, depending on the risks resulting from breaches, controllers may be obliged to notify their supervisory authorities and the affected…

  5. “Privacy and Data Protection Based on the GDPR” by Leo Besemer, and “Data Protection Officer” by Filip Johnssén and Sofia Edvardsen with John Potts.

    Combined reviews of two data protection books, covering the application of the GDPR in practice and the role of the DPO.

  6. Comments on EDPB draft “Guidelines 01/2021 on Examples regarding Data Breach Notification”

    TL;DR – The current high variation across EU member states in breach notifications indicates controllers in some countries don’t take this obligation seriously, thereby risking seriously increased impact on affected natural persons. For example, 2020 breach notification rates in France and Italy were respectively just 2.1% and 1.5% of the rate in the Netherlands. The…

  7. “Expert Knowledge of Data Protection Law & Practices”

    Fintan Swanton had the honour of being invited to give an online presentation to the Romanian data protection professional body, the ASCPD’s 2021 annual conference. It can be watched now on YouTube.

  8. ADPO’s 13th Annual Data Protection Conference – Jan 27 & 28

    The Associtation of Data Protection Officers 13th Annual Conference takes place online this year, on Wednesday 27 January and Thursday 28 January. Looking forward very much to taking part in a panel discussion with DCU Prof. Edoardo Celeste, and Steffen Weiß from the German data protection professionals organisation, GDD. We’ll be talking about Data Protection…